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               So I've always wanted to go Sky Diving. And I'm all for volunteer work (I do it weekly). So I stumbled across this amazing organization called Operation Free Fall! Which combines two of my favorite things! Adrenaline rushes annnnd volunteering!
             So here’s the deal, I NEED to raise at least 600$. Then on April 29, 2006, I'll be participating in the nation's boldest, highest-altitude, and most daring effort to put an end to sexual assault. It's called Operation Freefall!:The Two-Mile High Stand Against Sexual Assault.  YAAAAAYYYY!   I'll be joining thousands of people at skydive centers across the country who will take to the sky and jump, to raise awareness and money for sexual assault.  So if you would like to donate, know someone who would like to just go here: http://www.firstgiving.com/whitneygriffin. And you can donate right on the sight! So I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you would: A.)Donate B.)Get your friends and family to donate and C.)Post the  link and little message EVERYWHERE you can so I can raise as much money as possible. My goal is 1000$.
                     Rape is one of the most violent crimes. The FBI categorizes it as the second most violent crime, what’s number one you may be asking yourself? Murder. This immoral and horrid act must be stopped; and the survivors and victims, must be helped. By donating money, you're helping stop such a violent, needless, and disgusting crime. Rape is the ultimate violation; and chances are someone you're close to has been raped, or sexually assaulted. help put an end to this madness.

I don't get it.........

Nongovernmental monitoring, combined with incident reports available from the media, have reinforced official findings that homophobic violence is both frequent and of particular brutality. Annual reports by organizations in France and the United States, as well as new surveys and reports on Germany, Turkey, and the United Kingdom shed light onto the extent of harassment and violence in those countries, as well as the problem of underreporting to the police.-www.humanrightsfirst.org

I call shananagins and bullshit on this. Why do people care so much about whos kissing who?

This is why I love Nellie

xMischiefMaker7x (12:17:13 AM): omfg wow
xMischiefMaker7x (12:17:17 AM): is this maturity? lol
notnerdynellifer (12:17:27 AM): i...i think it is
notnerdynellifer (12:17:33 AM): *shudders a bit*
xMischiefMaker7x (12:17:34 AM): *runs and hides*
notnerdynellifer (12:17:54 AM): nope
notnerdynellifer (12:17:57 AM): *drags you backout*
notnerdynellifer (12:18:03 AM): its gonna happen
xMischiefMaker7x (12:18:07 AM): its got me! its got me!!!
notnerdynellifer (12:18:09 AM): might as well face the music
notnerdynellifer (12:18:14 AM): its gonna get all of us
xMischiefMaker7x (12:18:18 AM): AhHhHhHhHhHhHh!!!
notnerdynellifer (12:18:23 AM): like in that movie with the killer trees
notnerdynellifer (12:18:38 AM): itll spread
notnerdynellifer (12:18:43 AM): and itll get everybody

Hey there!

So I made this simply because bunchies of my friends had it. Gotta jump on the bandwagon right? CoencidentlyI had the weirdest day ever. Possibly could have salmonella, and am completely excited about President Obama =).